Stonefed played its first shows in 1999 and since has traveled the country over with its music. Stonefed’s place is at the heart of Utah’s jam-band community; filling shows up in the state’s capital for over a decade, it’s following has grown into a family. Between the groovy rock n’ roll drumming and funky bass lines, one can catch dual lead guitar interplay reminiscent of southern rock jam bands. Original tunes with catchy lyrics give way too energetic jams and tasty swells. These men from Moab have come to you with one intention… A funky good time.



An act that continually pushes the energy of the ephemeral point of music. Always feeding on Rock and Funk, rooted in Blues, and truly born from Folk, Jam and Jazz, this quartet of  intuitive minded musicians who can read crowd emotion are absolutely a – must see. Their ability to fold meter and feel into a pastry of  dance floor shaking music and pure captivation is parallel in style and groove to some of the better acts of our time.

James W. Reynolds   C.E.O.
KEP Booking & Productions – Miami, Florida


Blending blues, funk, rock, reggae and even a little hip-hop, Stonefed is a Utah jam band based in Moab. This diversity can be witnessed in the range of acts they’ve opened for: Del the Funky Homosapien, The Mother Hips and People Under the Stairs. On their monthly rounds to Salt Lake City, they bring that barefoot-hippie, music-fest vibe to bars—even in the winter. Stonefed has played more than 1,800 shows across the nation, thereby crafting a crowd-pleasing live show.

(Nicole McDonald) Salt Lake City Weekly


“Super-talented musicians and one of Utah’s hottest bands”

(The Watch) Telluride, Colorado


“These guys got it down, real professionals”

(Jimmy Tebeau)- Schwagstock Promoter, JGB, The Schwag, Camp ZOE
“A blast to jam with, they got something special, possibly the next big thing”

(Jack Kirkner)- Devon Allman’s Honeytribe, Dickey Betts Band



JON   D.   OLSCHEWSKI – Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica
DAVID   MEALEY – Bass, Vocals, Harmonica
ED   STONE – Drums, Percussion
JASPER   GROFF – Guitar, Vocals