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Quite a lengthy endeavor but a tale definitely worth telling. ……

Several musical cycles ago in a town full of red dirt three musicians gathered and began making music. It was a trio of acoustic goodness, playing the summer evenings away. Back in 1998, Jon, Ed, and David would jam as a string band. This eventually led Jon to a band practice at Ed’s mom’s house, where Ed, David and Basil Eismann would rehearse for their metal project “Allegro”.  Jon was writing a lot, so natural magnetism happened when his creativity met up with the extremely powerful and enthusiastic rhythms of David and Ed.  The funky feel from the get go attracted Joe ‘George’Geo’Squeaks’Hamilton’Lasater (trumpet) and his brother Robbie Lasater (keyboards). Jon’s father Steven Olschewski played harmonica. This was the first real incarnation as Stonefed. This was the band that played the M.A.R.C. in March of 1999 and the first ‘Old City Park’ in May. Summer came around and a traveling strummer named Marshall Paul came thru Moab. He did not leave after one open mic where Jon and Marshall jammed. He joined the band a few weeks later and a second guitar was now a permanent instrument in Stonefed, then a 7 piece! The band played like this for just under 2 years until Robbie (keys) left. The band continued until eventually George (trumpet) also vacated the line-up. Now a five piece, the band had an opening, Stonefed fattened their sound and redeveloped it using its newest member, Chester Kiffmeyer (saxaphone). Chester stayed thru the guitar change up from Marshall to Joe Lema. Joe added a very unique rock feel to the band, a contrast to the jazz and bluegrass approach of Marshall. Chester left in the fall of 2002, returning the band to a two guitar, bass, drum and harp group. Jon left for all of 2003 leaving the ‘FED’ for Montana. He made seasonal visits and played with the band for the home town concerts, Stonefed’s only eight 2003 shows. He returned in December and found that Joe could not play the New Years Show of 2003-2004. Jon called Marshall from Salt lake City and asked his friend Jasper to play the night. Jasper never left and stayed on as the now current second guitar. Steven left in 2005. The quartet of Jon, Ed, David and Jasper is what you will see when your face is melted. Love and be loved in return….peace